Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Hair Envy: Ombre (still loving it)

I can't help it. Done well, Ombre hair can look fantastic, and I just think it's a great low maintenance look perfect for those who love wearing their hair in casual waves and curls. I much prefer the softer, subtle take on the trend, rather than the strong harsh line I've seen on some. I'm currently working a VERY subtle ombre  look from using the L'Oreal Wild Ombre kit way back in November 2012 (!) but I'm eager for more.
Hopefully I'll be able to book into one of my favourite hair salons soon and in the meantime I'm getting inspired by pinning tons of pretty hair colours pictures on Pinterest.
Whilst pinning away (I'm late to the Pinterest party, but I love it) I also realised just how much I love Drew Barrymore. And her hair. I've attempted getting her look before, but I'm even more keen to copy.
Are you over ombre? Or still loving it?


  1. and now i have hair envy x

  2. Still loving it! x


  3. i love it! ive had it for 5 months now and its the best thing ive ever done to my hair. no need to worry about my roots!


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