Thursday, 20 June 2013

Cider. I loves it I do!

Not wanting to sound a total stereotype (well maybe a little!) but I love cider. Growing up in the West Country meant it's was more readily available than water in most places. Cider wasn't 'cool' when I was growing up, it generally meant a bottle of White Lightning round the back of the Leisure Centre before going to an Under-16's disco (Under-age drinking is whack yo, don't do it) but it's become quite cool of late, thanks to clever marketing and cider companies creating weird and wonderful flavours and variations.
Now when I say cider, I don't mean those funky types advertised with the beautiful people clinking pints chocked full of ice (Just no) or the latest fruity offering (it's apples, cider is apples damnit!) I mean 'proper stuff'. The cider that is made by some old bloke in a farm shop, the stuff that isn't that fizzy and doesn't require blackcurrant to make it taste better. Even the cider that is brewed with a sheep's head in it - so legend has it! My favourite is a medium/sweet Scrumpy with a bit of a kick to it, although dry cider with crème fraiche is amazing for Moules Mariniere. I love a pint of Symonds (Scrumpy Jack) and don't mind quaffing a bottle of Aspalls Cyder - there are some good ciders out there, it's not all about drinking from a stone flagon.
I've given the other ciders a go, and some fruitier varieties are easy drinking - but if you want a cider that will quench any Summer thirst, head to Cheddar Gorge, there is a pub that does Slush Puppy style cider. Yes, you heard right, alcoholic slush. Yum. Just keep away from the Old Rosie - or take heed my warning. That stuff is lethal!
As Adge Cutler of The Wurzels used to sing 'Proper job! Wanna try some young'un? C'mon young'un! Get a couple o'pints down 'ee then'

However I am partial to a Rekorderlig. Sssh don't tell my scrumpy-swilling family they'll disown me!
Oh and maybe you're thinking, 'what a random post'...blame Hayley and Twitter. 


  1. After getting off my head on K back in the early 1990s I was sworn off the stuff for years but now it's cider all the way. Love Aston Manor's cheapo pear cider, that's my festival tipple of choice! x

  2. I love cider too! :) I do enjoy a pint of 'proper' cider when in a place that is renowned for it, but I wouldn't complain about being given Rekorderlig either :)
    emmerliejay x


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