Sunday, 12 May 2013

Snippets #4

Good morning you gorgeous bunch! 
Well what a hectic week, and weekend. It's been a mixture of work, haircuts and trying to sort my new place. I did manage to take some time out to relax, with a facial on Saturday. I'll be letting you know all about that later in the week, needless to say, I felt super relaxed and suitably pampered.
L-R: New hair, fresh nails and bling, taking a break with Keith, prettying up my chair
My lovely friend Samm came over during the week and snipped my hair for me. Just a trim, and a fringe but not a fringe. Nice to have a freshen up, and I do believe it's had a little growth spurt lately. Happy Kelly must mean happy hair.
L-R: Lovely moving in card from my sis, House of Rush pampering, Portfolio updating, Time to cook!

L-R: My new shelving, every home needs biscuits, guest room, New Home happiness
The bonus of moving is that you tend to discover lost albums that you cherished at some point in your life, and ones that bring back great memories. One of which was Doves, The Last Broadcast. I remember seeing this band at the Pilton Party in 2003, and they were amazing. So with that in mind, have a listen and enjoy. It's currently blaring from my stereo and carrying me through my Monday...
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  1. Your new pad look fabulous and so does your hair! xxx


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