Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Review: Fudge Urban Instant Smoothie

I love Fudge Urban products, admittedly the smell is a huge selling point to me, but the results I get from using the products mean I've usually got a tin of something Fudge Urban like in my kitbag.
I reviewed the gorgeous Fudge Urban Sea Salt Spray a little while back, and thought it was time to show you how to use Fudge Urban to get smooth results.

Does it do what it promises?
This won't give any hold, nor is it a heat protectant. It's all about the finish with Instant Smoothie. It definitely calms flyaways, and if you find your hair is static due to the weather at the moment, this is great to lightly spray over and calm your hair.

Would I get it again?
Yes, for the price, I think it's good value. This tin has lasted me quite a while! It's great for using after you've straightened hair, or curled hair. I'd compare it to a shine spray, or finishing spray. It just adds that finishing sheen to hair that really sets a style. I recently used this on a brides hair, and she said everyone had commented on how shiny and healthy her hair looked.
Anything else?
The smell. Oh, the smell. It's a heady scent of coconut that just screams summer. That sounds cheesy, but it really is gorgeous. Everytime I've used this on a client, they've asked what it is and commented on the smell. It lingers in hair and really finishes the style. I love having a scent to the hair so when you swish it around you get a little hit of it.
The packaging is also great, the foghorn style nozzle means an even, light spray covers the hair, and it doesn't clog or block.
I'd recommend this for curly hair to calm frizz and flyaways and it's a great finishing product if you like a smooth, shiny style. Suitable for those with fine hair, or thick hair.

Price: £6.99 (approx)
Available: Superdrug, and various online sites
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