Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Inspired By: Game of Thrones

The new series of Game of Thrones has got lots of us excited! I am halfway through the second series and absolutely LOVE it. Every time I hear the theme I know I'll be swooning over Robb Stark (seriously that guy) and wanting to punch Joffrey in the head repeatedly.
Of course I am checking out the hair and taking some serious inspiration from it. It's all about braids, and waves and I am contemplating grabbing the bleach for a Khalessi/Daenerys look - don't worry I won't (although if it meant I looked anything like Emilia Clarke, it'd happen!)
I was inspired by the braids worn when I created a hair do for Kristie at the weekend, perfect for keeping hair off your face and looks great.
I love recreating looks I see on TV or in films, and the braided look went straight to the top of my list. It was pretty easy to create something similar and it involved plaiting the hair - which I'm obsessed with at the moment. Watch out for a YouTube video showing you how to get a Khalessi inspired hairstyle that's perfect for Summer.
Next up, Sansa Stark and Cersei Lannister! Better get the hair pads out...


  1. I've only got terrestrial TV so I've not seen the programme but, man , I love your hair! Come and do mine for Glasto! xxx

  2. I adore this look, I haven't seen GoT but I want this hair!

    Maria xxx


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