Thursday, 23 May 2013

Indola: Smart Street Style Collection 2013

Having been lucky enough to see the new Street Style Collection from Indola last month, I thought I'd share the key looks showcased and show you all the styles Indola hope to be sending clients out the salon with.
What I loved about the collection is the clear inspiration from fashion bloggers, and how commercial and wearable the styles are. Some truly beautiful cuts and colours showcasing exactly why Indola and their Global Ambassador, Leonardo Rizzo are leaders in the hair industry when it comes to creative styling.

3D Dreams - Graphic lines, precision details and bold flashes of colour. A style that can be worked to hide or reveal the colour, which can be personalised to suit the client. It's a sharp style statement that suits those who want to make a bold statement. I loved how Leonardo completely changed this style with a quick blast of some hairspray and made it look softer and more feminine.
Galactic Glamour - Cool colours, and a sharp cut mean this look is fresh and modern. Precision cutting is key, and strategic colour techniques are used to bring maximum drama to the style. Following the metallics trend from this season and mixing with a colour pallet meaning again the look can be personalised for a softer or stronger colour finish.
Hack Attack - A layered style, with lots of texture. This is quite a quirky look, but very wearable, the sharp line of the layers give the perfect platform for flashes and panels of colour. Incorporating colour into the style creates dimension and the sharp angles ensure a high-fashion style with plenty of adjustment for each clients needs.
Pure Simplicity - Simple style which leaves hair to shine, rich shades of colour are used to create an understated look which is soft and sexy. Two or three colours used, but are chosen close together helping to great a simplistic look, complimenting the fluid lines of the cut.
Romantic Youth - A sharp fringe into a soft layered long length style. This was my favourite of the collection, I think mainly because I totally fell in love with the models hair. A stunning copper colour mixed with other colours nearer the ends and mid lengths so still channelling the ombre trend but bringing a softer element to it.
Leonardo is clearly passionate about the collection and the dedication and time that goes into creating a collection this strong is evident, commenting "Shooting the Streetstyle Collection is always exciting but there was a real buzz in the studio this time and I think it shows in the final shots. We have a very open creative work ethic in the Indola team so we bounce ideas off each other all the time - and of course, the girls were fantastic. As a hairdresser there's no better feeling than putting your heart into your work and having the client or model love the look - it's a big WOW factor feeling for me. It makes it all worthwhile"

If you'd like to take a look at the previous collection, I wrote about it here.
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