Monday, 20 May 2013

Hair Envy: Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt's style at the Met Gala had me piling my hair high and wanting to copy her perfect summer look. The punk theme meant Emily went for a 'fat plait' to create a fake mohawk look, the texture is fantastic and I love the colour of her hair at the moment. Special mention on the make up front, a bright slash of colour on the eyes, keeping everything else fresh and clean. Absolutely gorgeous. Definitely inspiration for my summer holidays.
But hold on, I think I did something similar way back in 2010, thanks to Look magazine. Maybe Emily is a fan of Look, or even better Hair Advice...a girl can dream eh!
2010 Kelly - photos weren't as good and hair was red!
Look out for a YouTube tutorial on this look coming soon (I have my broadband set up now, no stopping me!) and you don't have to have super long hair to get it, I'll be showing you a few cheats for shorter hair.
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  1. Fantastic, what a great job. x

  2. Love her hair colour. Most of all, that eye makeup, wow!


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