Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Blonde vs Brunette: Anne Hathaway

When I saw the hair on show at the 2013 Met Gala, my jaw did a drop. Anne Hathaway, you absolute babe. I love her hair shorter, and think it suits her face shape perfectly, and now she's gone for a gorgeous blonde colour that really makes her eyes stand out. Definitely a great way to mix up shorter hairstyles and make things a little more interesting.
The styling met the punk theme perfectly, and the casual element against the outfit worn. If you want the Anne Hathaway quiff then why not try it out, just follow the handy hints below...

  1. Using a fine tooth comb, move hair into three vertical sections, left, middle and right. 
  2. Get a really good strong hold gel and smooth back the left and right sections. If you have longer hair, twist into a chignon. 
  3. Take a large barrel tong, or heated rollers and work through the middle section. Prep hair with a styling spray or a bit of dry shampoo for that extra bit of texture and hold. 
  4. Softly brush through and using hairspray pick pieces into place and work the hair to find your own top quiff. You'll want to keep the volume created by the rollers/tongs so gently backcomb at the root for a boost. 


  1. I adored Anne Hathaways style at the MET ball - can this woman do any wrong? Her new hair colour suits her to a t! Xo

  2. She looks great either way, but blonde is more interesting!

    Great tips on how to recreate her look, feel free to share your advice on

    You can link them back to your blog as well by simply adding the link. Hope you enjoy it!


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