Friday, 19 April 2013

The Short Fringe

Super-short styles are one of the trend predictions for fringes that will be popular this year. 
An automatic way to give your hair style an edgy update, but definitely one that needs the steady hand of a stylist. Otherwise you may end up looking like you've let a youngster go at it with a pair of craft scissors.
This is a brave look, and one that divides opinion. I've picked my favourite ladies with short fringes below and think they look gorgeous. Maybe it's because I love vintage style hair, and this gives a nod to 50's style bangs worn slightly rolled and super-short. You'll need an oval face shape to really pull this off, and ladies with round faces should steer clear and go for a more flattering fringe. If you have a long face look at taking the fringe longer, short styles will only elongate.
If you do fancy a super-short fringe, think about your hair texture and whether you struggle to style. Hair won't miraculously sit where it's supposed just because you want to look like Rooney Mara.
You could always cheat and take inspiration from the Prada catwalks. If you have long enough hair, pull into a ponytail that sits high at the back of the head, then flip forward to give the illusion of a super-short fringe without the commitment. A great style for summer!
Would you brave the super-short fringe?

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