Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Oriental Print Jacket

I picked up this jacket on Ebay last year, my eye drawn to the Oriental print. Ever since I was little, I have loved oriental print, and the style of clothes. They are just so beautifully cut, and the patterns used are incredible.
I usually wear this jacket with jeans, and a casual top to dress down. It does look great with my ASOS black maxi dress I picked up for Winter, but will hopefully see me through Summer. I'm also excited to wear it with some scruffy denim shorts and a plain t-shirt, and of course the usual heap of jewellery.
I tend to roll the sleeves up as I prefer a 3/4 length and I don't mind the comments I get - some kind, some slightly bemused.
Still on the lookout for an oriental silk dress, and Red dragon kimono robe so if you see some, let this oriental print obsessive know...

Apologies for my sporadic posting on here, things in my personal life are slightly chaotic to say the least. 
I'll be back to my blogging best shortly, bear with me 
- and thank you for being such a lovely bunch of readers.


  1. That's a beautiful jacket, so different to most others out there at the moment! Xo

    1. Thanks. :) I like standing out a bit! x

  2. Absolutely stunning, I love it! Let's see it on! x

    1. Once I have a tripod I will, I promise. :)
      Might have a little foray into the world of 'fashion blogging'


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