Monday, 22 April 2013

Snippets #3

More than enough going on in my life at the moment, and I've constantly got my phone out taking some pictures of it all. I'm a nightmare - but I can't be the only one who loves capturing life and it's little moments.
This week has been a little crazy with trips to London and pampering sessions - oh and work! I went to the Cloud Nine event and also had a little cocktail time with Indola. I even got to finally meet Jen (aka A Little Bird Told Me) who I can confirm is just as lovely as her online persona. Total beaut.
I spent the weekend away at a gorgeous place near Stratford. The weather was wonderful, the company was great and I had such a good time. Definitely some much needed laughter with friends. We were celebrating a 30th birthday and spent Saturday evening trying to figure out a murder. I love Murder Mystery parties and get far too involved in it all. Also got far too involved in the wine as I felt a little fragile the next day.
Not going to go into a lot of detail, but my life has recently taken a massive U-turn and I'm in a situation I honestly didn't think I would be 6 months ago. Being a believer that things happen for a reason and the challenges we face through decisions we make truly make the person we become, I know I'll be ok.

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  1. Hope everything's alright, babe! With your good looks and attitude I've a feeling it will be okay! xxx


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