Thursday, 11 April 2013

Hair Envy: Michelle Williams

Seems celebs are loving going short with their hair. You have the glossy crop from Anne Hathaway, and even Victoria's Secret models are doing it - with varying degrees of success. Personally I think Karlie Kloss looks gorgeous.
When I saw these pictures of Michelle Williams with her new do, I instantly loved it. She has such a great face, and the cut and colour are beautiful. Very easy to change up for a new look to, curling and waving hair or changing the parting will instantly give a fresh style.
One thing I wasn't too keen on was the fringe, and it seemed neither was Michelle. It got in her face, and she was pushing it aside in most photos. This is all a bit of fringe training, taking hair from one parting to another means hair takes some time to adjust. Seriously! The longer the hair is worn that way the easier styling becomes.
But in the meantime, here are some handy fringe tips!...
Blow dry hair in the opposite direction to give volume to side fringes
Gently pin and lightly spray with hairspray and leave to help style hold. Copy the catwalk hair stylists and pop some card underneath the clip to avoid nasty grip marks.
Backcomb the underneath of a fringe to help it stay in place


  1. for some reason i just hate short hair! i like it long and curly! :D

  2. I really wish I could pull off short hair but I look awful with it so I will just have to love vicariously through other people! ;)

    Maria xxx


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