Friday, 5 April 2013

BLEACH Salon - London

This salon and their instagram have got me wanting some multi-coloured locks. From Pink dipped ends to all over rainbow hair BLEACH Salon have got colour creativity down to a fine art.
Source: BLEACH site
I love their dedication to go against the norm. Normal highlights? Pah! Have a unicorn inspired swishy mane of colour. Their stylists are ready to give clients a colour that will get them noticed and prices aren't bad - with a Super Cool Colour costing £55.

Currently looking at my boring brown hair and letting out one big sigh  
I want to be a rainbow-hair-coloured-cool-kid! 


  1. Gorgeous, really loving the first image. xxx

  2. Love love love! x

  3. Wow love all this - shame my work are a bit strict on hair colour though...

  4. Oh my god I want to be a rainbow coloured cool kid too! I assumed my work would be pretty strict on hair colour also, but my manager said she tried to dye her hair blue this weekend sooo...


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