Monday, 25 March 2013

Review: Alberto VO5 Heat Protect Styling Spray

I recently grabbed this pink bottle of protection for my hair off my local supermarket shelves, and have been spritzing it ever since to ensure my hair holds up under heat styling. VO5 Heat Protect Styling Spray promises to protect and help style your hair whilst helping give it shine.
So can it handle it? Heat Hero or Heat Hell-no!

Does it do what it promises?
More amazing styles, less damage: with heat protection to 230°C, this little beauty will give you super smooth and shiny hair. It contains a heat activated complex that helps protect from styling tools' high temperatures. It's a protection spray and a styling spray in one.
I love that this product can protect under some serious heat, I don't generally use that kind of temperature on my hair as I don't need to, but for ladies that have hair that resists and needs higher temps to tame this is definitely a plus point. I also found it calmed frizz and made my hair a lot smoother, I've even been blow drying and leaving my hair as I've found it doesn't need that extra bit of styling.
Great for my hair, and for me - more time to enjoy myself!

Would I get it again?
Most definitely, I feel it helps protect my hair from heat styling without weighing it down. And the price means it's great value. Good work Vo5!
The Heat Protect Styling Spray is part of the VO5 Smoothly Does It range, and I'm definitely going to try out the rest to see if it helps my styling.

Anything else?
I love the packaging, the pump action nozzle means you get a great fine spray rather than a jet of product meaning it's easier to distribute evenly through the hair. It also has a handy lock switch that means it's travel friendly. Great for your Summer holiday! (I know, I know, not so Summery in the UK at present!)

Price: Ranges between £3.69
Available: High street shops and websites. 


  1. Lovely reveiw :) I used to have this product too and thought it did a good job - can't really go wrong with VO5 xx

  2. I have this and I really like it :) seems to protect my hair really well xx

  3. Hi I have it but unfortuneutly I don't no how to use it do I brush my hair when its dry then put it in my hair then wait till it drys and straiten it or do I wet my hair then spray it then dry it then straiten it then spray it on again ?????

    1. Hey there, you can spray onto damp hair and comb through, or you can spray lightly onto dry hair, brush through then style. :)

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