Saturday, 16 March 2013

Keeping it Real...

As you all know I've been dabbling with Keratin tip bonded extensions recently, but Samm came over and took away my Rapunzel locks a while ago, and I've been back in the mid-length gang ever since.
Whilst I have to admit it is lovely to give my hair a good scrub and not have to worry about catching an extension or knotting, I do wish my hair would grow a little more.
Luckily for me, Simply Supplements sent some Sea Kelp tablets my way, which I'll be taking daily to see if it helps boost my hair. Sea Kelp for those that don't know, is a type of seaweed known to be packed full of nutrients and minerals such as Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium. It's been said to help enhance the general health of skin and hair.
Anyway, for the time being, my mid-length hair ain't all bad, I've been channelling Kimberley Walsh and going for grungy texture. Look out for a YouTube tutorial on how to recreate the look shortly. It's all about the texture this year for me, and it only looks better as the day goes on.
Oh and just a little random snippet, I got creative in the kitchen and made some rainbow cupcakes. Not bad for a first attempt given my cooking skills!


  1. I've been in the slow process of getting my hair back to my natural colour (ash blonde) after being darkbrown/black for almost 10 years, and I've sadly had to part with my extensions as well as I can't keep repurchasing every time I go up a few shades. :(

    I'd love to see an update post on the sea kelp supplements to hear if they've worked!

  2. I have the exact same problem! Although, like you, I've gone with the grungy look too and I think that's the best way for mid-length hair. I feel like if I do anything else to it for a night out etc, it just doesn't feel impressive enough as when I wore extensions. Like Naomi (above) I've had to ditch the extensions after going from black to blonde and don't want to buy a new set everytime I change the shade/tone. I was told to take Folic Acid to aid hair growth and have taken them occasionally but have a terrible memory for taking tablets so I couldn't tell you if it works or not. I'll keep an eye out to find out how you feel about the sea kelp supplements and maybe try them out myself. I will have to look and see if there are any interactions between sea kelp and folic acid as if not, the two together may do the job xo

  3. Great post Kelly! The cupcakes look lovely!

    Looking forward to reading your full review on the sea kelp :)


    Simply Supplements


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