Monday, 4 March 2013

Easton Regal - Micro Mist Treatment

Easton Regal recently offered me the chance to try out the Micro Mist Treatment*, and my hair squealed 'yes please!' The Micro Mist Treatment promises to leave hair feeling silky, stronger and with an amazing gloss. Sounds pretty good to me and my follicles!
Walking into the salon the first thing I thought was 'cool without being too hipster' I love the open plan feel, and dark wood. The waiting area has a living room feel to it, with gorgeous chairs and scattered picture frames on the wall. I was shown to my seat and given a drink before Kevin dealt with washing my hair. He used the Kevin Murphy Born Again Mask and I even got a massage from my chair which helped de-stress. I find having my hair washed at a salon the most uncomfortable bit (height of basin being too high, being splashed) and am rarely relaxed. That chair needs to come stay with me.
The Micro Mist is a treatment machine from Japan, and uses the power of water to penetrate deep into the hair. The main functions of the Micro Mist treatment are;
Hot wind - for warming up
Hot fog - for helping hair absorb nutriments via utilizing the energy generated through cavitations effect.
Cold fog - for helping the hair cortex absorb nutriments by adapting the quantum technique
Ozone - for sterilizing and disinfecting
Aromatic remedy - purifying the hair with water
It felt completely comfortable throughout and the alternating temperatures are done gradually, meaning you don't get a shock blast of hot or cold. Your hair is totally covered by a fabric hood, which is a lot comfier than the usual plastic hoods placed over your head when having these sort of treatments. The main benefit of the Micro Mist treatment is to lock in the conditioning elements and by using cold fog it helps seal the treatment and close the cuticle, helping give hair more shine. The effects last 7-10 days and after washing my hair since having the treatment I've noticed a lot less frizz and that my hair certainly doesn't seem as dry or flyaway. It's a great boost for your hair and I'd really recommend it if your hair is heat or coloured damaged.
Abi, my stylist, was really lovely and I found it very helpful being told what was being used in my hair, and other products she thought I'd benefit from. The salon uses a number of ranges, Kevin Murphy being one, and Abi used the Body Builder Mousse which smelt amazing. It also really helped my hair keep its body throughout the day and night. She finished styling by sprinkling Kevin Murphy Powder Puff along the roots of my hair to give texture and volume. I wanted a relaxed, textured blow dry as I was out for the rest of the day and night with friends, it definitely stayed put - through Katzenjammers, GBK and a blustery stroll to the train home (and the 3 hours it took to get home!)
I'd definitely go back to Easton Regal again, and will be booking in for a cut to get a style I've had in my head for a while now, just needed to find the right salon to do it. Mission accomplished.

Salon: Easton & Regal, The Print Works, St Johns Square, 84 Clerkenwell Road, London
Nearest Tube: Barbican

*I was given the Micro Mist treatment by Easton Regal, however this does not sway my opinion on the treatment or salon


  1. This sounds like it was a lovely experience and a good treatment :) A nice relaxing sesh :)

    Rachel @ AMomentInTime.

    1. Was lovely, perfect way to pamper your hair. :) x

  2. Your hair looks lovely here, super glossy!

    Maria xxx

    1. Thanks Maria! I love getting a proper blow dry done. Makes the most of my hair. x


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