Saturday, 9 March 2013

Dutch Braid V French Braid

I love a braid. I love a plait. I love being able to do a wide variety of different ones - always adds interest to hair. So with that in mind, I thought I'd tell you all about the Dutch braid, and the French braid, and the difference between the two.
First up we have the well known French braid. This bad boy is probably the one you wanted for the school photo, the one you've practised on friends and either get or give up with. It's a three-strand braid, and hair is weaved over and hair added to build the French braid. French braids can be used on all of the hair, or sections to create a style that sits flat on the head.
The Dutch braid. Also known as the inverted French braid. Now this is again a three-strand, but the difference with this and the French braid is that you weave hair under so it creates a braid that sits on the head. It's difficult getting your head around the change in the way you work your fingers but worth it for another beauty of a braid.
Chances are if you can do a French braid, the Dutch should just be a little bit of practice. And it's great to be able to change between the two for different looks. Just try and ignore the sloppy parting and bald patches, the dolls head I practice on hasn't got the best of hair, or hairlines! Nightmare!

Which is your favourite?


  1. I used to be so upset when I was younger that my mum couldn't do a French braid on me when I could do them perfectly on my doll's head! The Dutch braid looks really cool, I need to get practising! x

  2. Well they are both super cute but I am going to have to go with the French braid!

  3. I think the Dutch braid is pretty neat. I've been doing French braids on my eldest so I just might switch things up a bit or even combine them for a princess-y look.

  4. I Love all braids , great post xx

  5. my Grandma Dutch braided my hair everynight. It got so THICK! As a kid I hated it, but Id kill to have that thickness again! Ive been braiding my hair every night! lol


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