Monday, 11 March 2013

A Change in Me...

After finishing a recent gym session, I walked past the scale machine and curiosity got the better of me. I don't tend to weigh myself and go by how my clothes feel and mostly, how I feel. Popping in a £1, I hopped on and grabbed the handles to get an accurate low down on me and my body.
I started going to the gym in October 2011 after realising that my family health history and love of crisps were unfortunately going to lead to me being craned out of my house at some stage in the future. Since my induction I've begun somewhat of a love affair with the gym. I love running, I love feeling better health wise and I love the fact the gym has done that for me. I use a Nike Fitness + chip in my trainer to track my running and for someone who couldn't run for five minutes when they first started I've definitely improved my fitness and am signed up for a local 10k race in April.
And you know what? Looking at the receipt printed with my vital stats on, I realised I've lost over two stone since then. I've not sacrificed nights out, meals in or a family bag of Doritos (to myself - Kelly doesn't share) I tend to eat quite healthy meal wise, but have a snacking weakness. But something clicked in my mind - exercise and you can enjoy the occasional treat without the dreaded sinking feeling. You get the body you want and your body gets the soul it wants. Win, win! It's not just my weight that has changed, my body shape is different too. I am more toned, and have more definition - still a way to go but I feel so much better.
It's definitely been a lifestyle change for me, and long may it continue. Keep your faddy diets and promises of a 'quick fix' Healthy and happy is the way forward.
A massive thanks to the ladies who've inspired me along me way. Seeing Bangs take on challenge after challenge, conquer anything that stood in her way and totally bring it has definitely made me think I can do this.

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  1. You look absolutely brilliant, worth every minute of that hard work and willpower! x


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