Friday, 8 February 2013

Wedding: The Invites

It's 2013. In less than six months I'll be married. 
Now I've picked myself up off the floor, moving on, we got our invites printed and delivered last week. We decided that Ebay was the best place for us, after a lot of research! The seller we used was efficient, and brilliant at keeping in touch. 
Our invites are 'postcards' with all the details on, we kept it simple and love how they look. Details are slightly different for the evening but we got them printed under the same order with the seller. And the price included envelopes helping cut the cost a little more.
The blurry bit is where I didn't want to show the address - sorry guys limited numbers. :)
I looked at so many, but the price for some was astronomical! We aren't doing things on a shoestring but I certainly couldn't afford those prices. We'd already made the Save the Date cards, and both decided that with everything else going on we just couldn't fit in making over 100 invites. The pressure! So the majority are hitting doormats as we speak, and hopefully are guests are going to RSVP ASAP. ;)

So that's another thing ticked off the list. 
How are the rest of the blogging brides of 2013 doing?


  1. They a lovely! I would have never have thought to use eBay - that's an inspired idea! Xo

  2. They look stunning, Kel! Elegant and understated. x

  3. The look lovely! We have just done our save the dates, don't want to even think about the invites just yet though!


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