Saturday, 23 February 2013

The Hair Commandments - Heat Protection

If you haven't been following the Hair Commandments, firstly shame on you! Secondly, you can catch up on them by following this link.
I'll be trying to get you, and myself into better hair habits, with some not so hard to follow advice. Heavenly hair on its way...
Thou Shall Not...Forget the Heat Protection Spray
It's easily done, wash your hair, get ready for blow drying, and then maybe straightening or tonging. Stop! (Hammer time!) Make sure you spray your hair with a heat protectant to avoid frazzling strands and damaging them.
Heat styling dries the hair, removing moisture and over time leaving your hair dull and damaged, making sure you have a heat protectant in your styling routine doesn't mean you should abuse those heat styling tools but it does mean your hair won't get destroyed and you can change your look when you want. 
It's important to always make sure that if you use any heat protecting spray you give the spray a chance to absorb and dry into the hair. If spraying onto dry hair, brush through and make sure hair isn't left damp by it. I hate hearing that 'sizzle' when hair is either damp or has too much product leaving the hair damp.
If anything using a heat protection spray won't only protect your hair, it'll also boost shine and calm any frizz.
I've recently been using Vo5's Heat Protect Styling Spray which helps protect hair from heat styling up to 230 degrees (even saying that just made my hair squeal I'm sure) and after having a trim want to keep my ends in the best condition possible.

5 Hot Hair Heroes
Lee Stafford Heat Protection Professional Straightening Mist £7.49
L'Oreal Elnett Sleek Heat Protection Spray £7.49
ghd Heat Protect Spray £9.95
Aussie Dual Personality Heat Protection & Leave-In Spray £4.49
Tresemme Heat Protection Spray £4.69

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