Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Shooting Star

I'm definitely hitting my stride with styling work at the moment, with an indoor photoshoot recently, and plenty more arranged. As you all know, I work as a stylist as well as writing all about hair. Having a strong portfolio is essential to gain more work, and really helps showcase your skills. Plus the fact it's great to work with others to create a lovely set of photos.
We managed to get a couple of different looks on the day, so I thought I'd share with you some of the images. I worked with Sarah and David, go check out the rest of their work, really creative and brilliant photographers. The gorgeous model was Samantha Allison
And one big favour to ask you all, I've just set up a new Facebook page with my writing and hair work, and I'd absolutely love it if you could like it. If you have similar pages, or sites, please feel free to link them below.
And guess who's done another video for her YouTube channel, I know! Get me! Will be up in a few days. Massive thank you to all of you that have subscribed, bunch of beauts. 


  1. Love this! The curly hair s to die for x

    1. Thanks Sarah, I'm really pleased with how the hair looks in them. x

  2. Absolutley love the middle picture - that hair is just so glamourous and wonderful! Xo

    1. Thanks love! :) It looks so dark and glam doesn't it. Think that's my favourite.


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