Thursday, 7 February 2013

Mini Marvels: Bumble and bumble

Bumble and bumble products are, for me, fantastic. The whole range has something to offer any hair type, and being a big fan of the Sunday Shampoo, I thought I'd grab some mini products to try out. One thing about Bumble and bumble that isn't fantastic, is sadly the price. Bad for my purse I can tell you.
I picked up the Bb Texture Hair (un)dressing Creme and Surf Spray from Boots as two perfect additions to my kit bag (and my hair care cupboard - yup it's a cupboard folks. A big one) I love my hair to look undone, and a tousled style is my dream do.
First up, the Bumble and bumble Surf Spray. I spritz this along mid lengths and ends, and then scrunch and rub my hair whilst drying, avoiding the brush. I also use this before I plait hair and leave to dry naturally (something I do after swimming in the sea on my holidays) It gives hair 'grit' and really helps to hold curls and waves. A little goes a long way, even with long hair. Perfect for textured tresses, this 50ml mini cost £8.50.
Next up, the Bb Texture Hair (un)dressing Creme. This makes hair feel and look big. It gives bounce without leaving hair flyaway. I added the smallest amount to start, worked properly through my hair, then added a small amount to my roots to boost volume. It feels like it builds the strands of your hair leaving it feeling a lot thicker. Think this would work well for fine hair ladies, as you build to the level you need. It's important to remember a little goes a long way! The Bb Texture Hair (un)dressing Creme cost £9.50 for 50ml.
Now, if you don't like feeling a product in your hair, avoid both of these. You can feel the product and they do leave hair with a 'grungy' feel. I love being able to pick up mini products to test out how they work with my hair, both will be purchased in full size come payday. Sorry bank balance!
Perfect for those ladies who love a messy Chung-esque barnet. Definitely a couple of hair heroes.


  1. I'm dying to try these but i really don't think i'll like the feel in my hair! xo

    1. I'd go for the Bb Texture over the Surf Spray if you don't like a lot of that textured feel on the hair, you can build to your own preference. And it's great for volume. x

  2. i had surf spray, tried it once, didn't like it and gave it away! wish i hadn't as i want to give it another go now. looove that texture creme though, it's amazing

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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