Sunday, 6 January 2013

YouTube: What's In My Bag

Quite a lot it would seem! My bag is stuffed full of everything I could possibly need - including far too many dog poop bags. So I thought I'd share the contents. Be warned, I seem to hoard. And my YouTube video contains a very dodgy impression of a market trader.
My latest skip handbag being carried around is from Zara. I picked it up for a very reasonable £19.99, it came with a shoulder strap that you can clip on, but in all honesty, it's not great quality and doesn't really 'suit' the bag. So I'm hanging it off my arm for now. It's sturdy, and is rather hard compared to other handbags I've owned. I wanted something slightly stronger as I tend to carry my iPad around with me, and I'm petrified of damaging it.

Here it is, in all it's glory. Anyone else think of that tray game you used to play, look at the items, cover them, try and remember what you've seen? There is a HELL of a lot more. But who wants to see a picture of a poo bag. Yup that's my kind of bag contents.
I've decided to chat about the contents of my bag over on my YouTube channel, so it'd be lovely if you watched - and even better if you decided to subscribe. I really enjoyed doing this video, and hope you enjoy watching! And look out for another video next weekend. :)

And if you've done a What's In My Bag post, link me up, I'd love to have a nose. 

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