Monday, 21 January 2013

Why isn't Short Sexy?

"I love Anne Hathaway's hair short, she looks so beautiful!"
"'s a bit manly though, fancied her more with long hair"

Above is a snippet of conversation I had the other evening with a male friend. So why isn't shorter hair seen as sexy? Looking through the FHM's 100 Sexiest Women list (I know, I know, scientific research at it's best!) the majority all have Rapunzel style manes. Sure some of the entries have dabbled with short hair, but sure enough return to long locks. Exception to this is Rihanna, but I'm pretty sure that's due to her having an allergic reaction to clothes and singing about how she likes it hard. And often.
Does it depend on the type of guy or girl, as to whether they prefer longer or shorter hair? Is it personal preference or a trait ingrained into behavioural conditioning.
When I studied Psychology for A Level, we looked at studies that suggested that women will go for an older man because we have been encouraged by culture to seek out a man that will give us 'recognition' and security (I'm not saying this was a recent study - as clearly times are a changing!) and men will go for a younger woman who is seen as healthy and more likely to produce offspring. Clearly something ingrained from our stone age times. Many see long and lustrous hair as a sign of health, so is this the reasoning behind finding long hair attractive?
Cutting hair short is often seen as a sign of rebellion, and I for one think rebellion is extremely sexy. I think we are definitely changing what we term as attractive, which is amazing. Look at Emma Watson, Halle Berry and going back further Twiggy. All showing short hair can still be extremely feminine and stylish.
Really interested to hear your thoughts on this, have you gone short? 
Or maybe grown your hair as you weren't feeling the crop?


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  2. Ahhhh this is a topic very close to my heart! I have lots to say on it but won't write you an essay short (harhar!) I found that in general, I get more male attention when I have longer hair. The first time I went for the chop and had very short hair I felt I became practically invisible to the opposite sex (this was about 8 years ago), I grew my hair, then had it chopped again. The second time around (about 3 years ago) I found the response was better, so I was no longer invisible, but I still think overall I was deemed less attractive by the majority of the opposite sex. I think perhaps now there are more sexy female celebs with short hair, and it is more common place, therefore more men appreciate it, but on the whole I think you might be right about the long hair equals youthful thing. Urgh. I still love short hair though. Oops, said I wasn't going to write an essay... xxx

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