Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Why I want to be a Charles Worthington Red-carpet Blogger

I love keeping my readers up to date on the latest red-carpet worthy styles, I covered the BAFTA barnets last year, and I've got a red-carpet tag which covers the BRITS to Cannes. Anyone would think this site was all about hair eh!
What I love about seeing celebrities walking the red-carpet is how you get a glance at the whole of the hair, up close and personal. You see the grips, you can ask them what products they use and best of all you can take a good look and try and recreate it at home.
Now, I'm hoping Charles Worthington will take a look at me, and the amount I love hair, and give me a chance to get to be their red-carpet blogger. I vow to get the best in hair gossip, and dedicate myself to getting some great hair news. The BAFTA's is an ultra-glamorous affair, with some of the best leading ladies showcasing some fantastic hair - so it's the perfect opportunity for anyone who loves hair to take a closer look at how they are wearing their hair.
I think if I had to pick a celebrity who always gets it right on the red-carpet, I'd go for Charlize Theron. Whether it's a waved vintage inspired look, or she's accessorising an up do with a jeweled band, her hair always looks fantastic and definitely red-carpet ready.
Keep your fingers crossed for me! And take a look at the video I've done to try and persuade Charles Worthington. Special appearance from a certain Percie pup...

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