Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Long and Winding (Hair) Road

It's well documented throughout the blog of my desire to have long hair. I've tried the lotions and potions, I've tried clip in extensions and hair pieces. But no. Long hair has always eluded me, ever since I was young, and my mum had to cut my hair into what can only be described as a Pixie Crop mixed with a Kevin Keegan mullet. 
A Pixlet if you will.
So the next stage was extensions. Now I must admit I've been wary of extensions after hearing numerous horror stories and seeing the botched attempts for myself. However, after discussing with my friend and super stylist Samm, I was convinced this would help me finally achieve long hair. 
Samm came round on Christmas Eve, to give me the Christmas miracle of long locks. I'd ordered some pre-bonded Keratin tipped hair from Hair Planet and she then gave me half a head of extensions. I was a little nervous as I had a subtle ombre look, but I needn't of worried. Samm blended my existing hair and extensions perfectly so I was a very happy (long haired) customer.
I've been getting on really well with my new hair, and have been trying out a whole heap of styles. I must admit when it comes to styling it's taken a little while to get used to, and it is heavier, but I am loving the versatility of having longer hair. The colour really seems to have lightened and blended more which I love. Most have bought them as my real hair - which is great, nothing worse than very visible extensions!
They've been in for about a month now, and I've had no problems. I'm planning a post on how I care for my hair so I'll let you know how I maintain them. Needless to say, I'm hooked and the best bit? Styling my hair means I can often leave it for 3 days without using heat, and washing (*disclaimer* I do wash my body!) Which hopefully will be beneficial for my 'real' hair, here's hoping when I do take them out my own hair will have grown a far few inches (dream!!)


  1. WOW! they look amazing, I want long hair now xx

  2. I want I want I want extensions! Yours look so good and natural.

  3. They look brilliant, Kel! x

  4. Noticed how mazing these look in your YouTube vid, I am very jealous! They look expensive...they were, weren't they? xx

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