Sunday, 20 January 2013

The Hair Commandments...

Religious with your haircare routine? Well you should be. A few simple things you do will make sure your hair stays in good condition. Time to polish that halo and follow the Hair Commandments. I'll be doing these regularly with a new commandment to follow. And if you don't abide by them? Well you are off to Hair Hell.
Well, not really, just don't come crying to me when your hair looks like Wurzel Gummidge.
Thou Shall Not... Comb or brush hair when wet. 
Hair is incredibly fragile when wet, and whilst some elasticity (the stretchy effect) of hair is a sign of health, it shouldn't be put under pressure as this can cause damage and breakage. Our hair is incredibly strong but when wet  is prone to more damage.
First up, never comb hair when still wet. Blot hair dry, and leave to airdry for a few minutes at least. I usually spray my hair with my Lee Stafford Breaking Hair Detangling Spray before even attempting to comb. Spraying a leave-in conditioner through the hair before detangling really does help get to work on knots and tangles.
Use a wide toothed comb, or Tangle Teezer to gently comb through hair. I find holding onto the hair and detangling the ends first really helps avoid additional pressure and 'tugging' on my scalp. Take your time detangling, nothing worse than trying to rush and getting your comb caught in the mother of all knots. Ouch.
I've heard some say to use a comb whilst conditioning hair in the shower. I don't really think this is a good idea for the hair, I can see the idea behind it, however I think combing your hair whilst at it's most fragile might help get conditioner through it all, but it can also damage it. If you want to make sure your hair is in tip-top condition why not use a hair treatment once a week. That way even the driest of hair can't escape a conditioning!


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