Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Review: Lee Stafford Breaking Hair Detangling Spray

Tangles can be a nightmare to deal with, and it's easy to loose patience with them - damaging your hair and making for a tender scalp. Lee Stafford has come up with yet another great product in Breaking Hair Detangling Spray.
I've been using this on my hair (and hair extensions) for about a month now, so thought I'd better tell you all about it, and whether it's any good at taming tangles.

Does it do what it promises?
Damaged, broken, over-processed hair can leave you with a tangled mess of knots after washing or swimming. This light weight, moisturising spray will help to detangle your bird's nest of a barnet, making brushing more bearable and saying bye bye to knots for good.
Yes. I spray this over my hair after washing, and before combing through. Using a wide tooth comb, I carefully detangle. The spray really helps the ends of my hair, and now I have extensions, it's great for making sure I don't get any nasty knots near my bonds.  

Would I get it again?
I totally would repurchase (and will) It's really lightweight so doesn't weigh your hair down, but gives enough moisture to help get rid of those pesky tangles.
I've used other detangling sprays in the past and found they left my hair feeling a bit lank. At £6.99 it isn't the cheapest out there, but it does last a while, my bottle is still half full, and I've been using it religiously after washing my hair.

Anything else?
There is also a shampoo, and hair treatment in the Breaking Hair range. If you have really bleached hair, or find it dry and tough to handle, or you just want to give hair a break, this is the stuff for you.
It also has that familiar Lee Stafford scent, personally I love it, strong slightly masculine scent that will stay with your hair for the day after you spray.

Price: £6.99, 150ml
Available: Exclusive to Boots

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