Sunday, 13 January 2013

Review: Enrapture Totem Styler

Move over normal hair styling tongs, Enrapture have well and truly changed the way we curl our hair with the Totem Styler. I've been using this for well over a month, and wanted to let you guys know how I got on.
So what makes the Enrapture Totem Styler* different from the rest? Well, it's the first styler to use three independent heat zones meaning you can get a variety of different looks using one tong. I LOVE this idea, and think it's great for anyone wanting to use a tong to get a different style, and if they are willing to experiment to create a great look that is 'unique' to their hair.
I know it's about the actual product, but special mention has to go to the packaging. It's beautiful. No pictures of ladies with hairstyles you never achieve, just sleek lovely packaging that you could openly display in your home and it would look good.
It heats up exceptionally fast, has a great swivel cord and you can use it as a wand, or with the mini flipper. I prefer to use it as a wand - as it is so easy to quickly style your hair and go.  
My Saturday style was created using the Enrapture Totem Styler. I simply curled my hair using the setting 1-1-3 and then swept it all over to one side, pinned and used some hairspray to secure. I've used this styler so many times to create a variety of different waves and curls, and the clients I've used it on seemed very happy with the results. And it's good to know I've got the Totem Styler to create a variety of styles, without the need to cart a number of different styling tools around.
Why not have a look at my latest YouTube video to hear all about the Enrapture Totem Styler, and see a style I created using it. Massive thank you to those that have subscribed to my channel so far - please let me know what you'd like to see and I'll try my best to get more videos up. I'm loving having a little chat to you all so long may it continue.

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