Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Beckham's Influential Barnet

As hair styles go, it has to be said, David Beckham is not afraid to experiment. Whilst some are bordering on slightly bizarre (Exhibit A: Cornrows m'lud) he's definitely got it right with the current smart style he's been wearing. 
Haircare range, Fudge, carried out a poll, and out of the 2,000 men asked, Beckham hit the top spot for hair inspiration. With a penchant for changing his style often, Beckham is an unlikely hair hero for the average man who will only change his hairstyle four times in his lifetime. However, I'd imagine most guys would quite like to be Becks, so maybe copying his hair will work the Beckham magic. (I would do the same if I thought I could look like Kate Beckinsale)
The fellas in the top four, all have something in common though. The styles they sport all herald back to a time when a guys hair was short and sharp. Men seemingly like a 'vintage' style cut, and I for one couldn't agree more. The shorter sides, blended into a longer top look fantastic on most men - and is a style that can be changed to become more polished with the help of some pomade, or slightly scruffier with some texturising paste. Nice to see the inclusion of some 'sidey loving' - God bless you Bradley Wiggins!
I had to laugh as I checked the rest of the Top Ten, with Snoop Dogg (or is it Snoop Lion now) polling at a very respectable number 8. They've seen the plaited pigtails complete with hair bobbles right?!

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