Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Important Things...

This is going to be a different, and much more personal post from me today. Just something I feel really strongly about and think should be at the forefront of any ladies mind.
I hit the grand old age of 28 recently, and got a letter through from the NHS reminding me it was time for my smear test (PAP test) Now, I know some feel uncomfortable having to go through this, at any age, but for me it's something I've never put off or worried about as I remember all to well Jade Goody and just how important it is. Whilst I believe smear tests should start earlier than the current age of 25, I also think we need to work harder on getting the message out that it's something we need to take responsibility for. Don't put off the appointment, don't say you'll do it next week, or month.
I don't embarrass easily with things like that, and I have no problem with someone taking a look. Although I'd probably draw the line at Dave from my local.
I've been suffering with some nasty symptoms and been in quite a bit of pain at times recently, and I spoke to the nurse whilst having my examination to discuss with her how I was feeling. She was lovely, and put my mind at rest going through what it could be and told me to book an appointment with my doctor for a chat.
I had my letter back from the smear, and the results showed something not quite right. An 'abnormal' result is something 1 in 20 of us can get, and doesn't mean it could be anything nasty, but that you need further checks to make sure it doesn't develop into something nasty.
I got my referral letter from the hospital pretty quickly, and went in this morning. I'm not going to lie, it was slightly painful, but nothing I wouldn't have done if it means I'm healthy and get anything sorted. I had a colposcopy, which is when they examine the lining of your cervix, and take biopsies if they find any cells that need checking. The doctor then advised he wanted to carry on treatment to get rid of the cells, which I agreed to have done on the same day, I underwent LLETZ treatment which uses an electronic current through a thin wire to get rid of the cells. They use a local anesthetic so you don't feel anything, and it's the most common treatment for those with abnormal cells. To be honest I was more uncomfortable having to keep the stance I'd imagine a lady of a seedy ping pong show would do (I cannot confirm this would be the position assumed, but I have a fair idea)
You even get a chance to have a look at your cervix. Something I can now wow people with...
"I got a new car today"
"Yeh what of it, I saw my cervix"
".....Uh, you win!"
I guess what I hope with this post is that you'll listen to your body, note down any symptoms you may have and how regular they are, if you don't feel right then get yourself checked. A couple of minutes of discomfort for peace of mind sounds a fair deal to me. We are given the chance to make sure we keep ourselves healthy by going for regular smear tests, and we should grab this with both hands - don't put off something that could essentially save your life.
Oh, and I've popped some random photos of my week so far throughout. Didn't think you'd want to see 'those' kind of shots.


  1. Kelly, you're a star for doing this post. I think it's something girls can possibly forget about or be too scared like you say, I had my first one last year and also got abnormal. Luckily the second test said everything was normal but it is a bit scary. We are so lucky to have the tests in this country, and so easily available.

    Hope you're feeling better :) Love your hair with that pink in it too! x

  2. Firstly your hair looks wicked Kelly. Secondly, this post is brilliant and hope it prompts at least one person to not put off the test. Like you said, for a few minutes of discomfort it will give you peace of mind. I hope you are feeling ok lovely x

  3. You absolutely rock for writing this Kel. I'm amazed by the number of women my age and even older who've never had a smear because they're scared to. xxx

  4. Hope you're feeling ok hun! This post really made me think so thanks so much for being so personal and putting your experiences out there xo

  5. Thank you for your lovely comments guys.
    Just wanted to get it out there that it's not something to be ashamed of, or embarrassed by. Very important thing for us ladies to do. xx

  6. I follow your blog avidly infant it's my home page 😳 as not only do you have staffies like me.... I'm an ex hairdresser ( once a hairdresser always a hairdresser) so I'm always excited by your posts :-).... Anyway I'm really quite taken aback by this post on such a personal subject for all women and I must say thankyou as I've been so nervous about my pending smear so this couldn't have come at a better time thankyou!!! Xxxx

    1. Thank you so much for this comment. It's lovely to know you enjoy the blog, and its good to know that you feel a bit better about your smear now.
      And a fellow staffie owner? Well, that makes you an amazing person. :) xx


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