Sunday, 9 December 2012

Review: Schwarzkopf LIVE Color XXL Ultra Brights

The coloured dip dye trend is showing no signs of fading, and thank to Schwarzkopf bringing out a new range, it means we can recreate the look, without the commitment. Schwarzkopf LIVE Color XXL Ultra Brights contains three semi-permanent shades to help give you a bright burst of colour that'll be gone in 6-8 washes. 
I decided to give Raspberry Rebel a go. Partly because I love Raspberry, and partly because I'm a rebel ( my mind) And a lot because it's fun to change it up with some colour for the party season.
I thought I'd talk you through the Ultra Bright, and the application process, and of course the final result in a new video on my Youtube channel. Would be great if you could subscribe, and give it a thumbs up (or down!)
I love the result I got from using the Ultra Brights range, it's a fun look and I think I might try out the other colours now as it was so easy to use. The other colours in the range are Pillarbox Red and Fiery Copper.
Of course, if you fancy a complete change, you can colour your entire hair. However, I went for a dip dye look. The instruction leaflet that comes in the box has different ideas on how to apply for a varied look
Just ignore the fact I call it Raspberry Ripple at the start. Ice cream on the brain. 
Price: £5.49
Available: Boots, Superdrug and lots of other shops.


  1. This looks absolutely gorgeous! I'm thinking about dying my hair red so was considering trying these out as a way to see whether it suits me. However, at the minute I've got black hair with a bleached blond panel and so I'm not sure how I'd apply it, it would look a little strange! I'd be interested to see how it fades, I'm a little nervous about using it...

    1. Hey,
      I'd definitely recommend checking out their Facebook page, lots of advice and others who have used the colour.
      I think colouring all over with your current hair colour would leave a tone of the colour on the dark, and a brighter panel where you are blonde. To get a vibrant colour all over I would say you'd need to lighten hair anyway if you are thinking of going red.
      One wash in and it's slightly faded. Still bright though.

  2. They always have the best array of colors for every season and have come out with the “Shatter Nail Lacquer,which is a very cool effect that looks like the nail polish paint

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