Friday, 14 December 2012

Keeping Good Company...

If you fancy a 20's inspired hair do, and want to know how to achieve the look in 5 easy steps, may I suggest grabbing Company Weekly Edit. This week I'm featured, showing you all how to recreate a look that is fabulous for those planning to get all glammed up this festive season.

The Company Weekly Edit has a whole heap of fantastic features and other how to's, I love the sparkly shoe DIY. Such a great idea! A fabulous addition to your iPhone/iPad reading and well worth the paltry 69p it cost to download. And if like me, you are falling harder for the 1920's way of styling, please keep reading. I may have just the thing for those who love fingerwaves. And I promise it's simple.


  1. Congratulations on the piece! I love this hair look, I've always wondered how the tucked under style is done. x

  2. What a fantastic feature, great photographs and gorgeous result! x


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