Sunday, 4 November 2012

Mark Leeson & Goldwell - The Distressed Beehive

A perfect style for any Christmas party, Mark Leeson created a beehive that had a slightly undone feel on the Goldwell stage at Salon International and I just had to show you all.
Adaptable to most hair lengths, this look is all about the volume. Get that right and you've got the style sorted. It's all down to some backcombing, pins and a good squirt of hairspray. The end result is a timeless style that transcends time and looks great worn with a more casual feel, or dressed up for an evening out.
I'll be trying this out for a trip to London town, no doubt I'll end up looking a little disheveled, so it's the perfect style!


  1. I like it and would definitely love to try it. x

    1. Would look gorgeous with your hair Vix. x


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