Sunday, 25 November 2012

Hair Envy: Strictly Ladies

I watch Strictly Come Dancing purely for the costumes and hair. Every week I see gorgeous up do's, waves and curls. Stunning work from the hair stylists working backstage - when the styles are as noticeable as the sequins on show you know you've done well.
It's great to see such high octane styling that withstands the demands of a performance yet remains absolutely beautiful. I dread to think how many cans of hairsprays are used, wonder what brand they use?
Watching the show gives me some great inspiration for hairstyles for brides, and parties this winter. Often every angle is incredibly interesting, but if it's a more sleek style required it still delivers. This would be my dream job, to work on the design element on shows like this, helping create something that follows a theme and helps tell a story. 
There is a great section on the official BBC blog for Strictly that shows the costumes (again amazing work) However, there is no section for the hair. So BBC I think it's only fair I go backstage, take some pictures and give readers a chance to see more of the gorgeous hair on offer...
Worth a try isn't it!

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  1. I love the hair on Strictly. I have also wondered how much hairspray must go into the creations! x


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