Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Dogs Life #2

Holly & Percie were so happy about the love they got last time, they've practically jumped in front of the camera this time to say hey. Two Staffordshire Bull Terriers with lots of mischief and cuddles in them.
This week they've discovered that Winter means the heating goes on, and Holly doesn't move far from her bed by the radiator, she also loves sneaking in the duvet for a cuddle. Percie is as usual being a mischievous pup, he loves playing catch and fetch - only trouble is he won't stop...ever. He totally gets away with it though, who could be annoyed with that little face.
I currently have a very sulky Holly on my hands, she had a bath tonight, and even using ScruffyChops yummy shampoo & conditioner on her hasn't made things better. She does smell lovely though, and feels nice and soft. Definitely pick some up for your pets! Holly (sulkingly) admits it's good stuff.
I posted this up on my YouTube channel a while back, and it still makes me laugh. Holly & Percie strive to find the biggest stick going...


  1. Give them a squeeze from me! What a gorgeous pair. x

  2. Love their team work in that video!! Daisy is quite happy with leaves for the minute! She made friends with a little staffy that looks a lot like Percie the other day :)

    1. Ahh lovely, they make excellent friends. :)


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