Saturday, 10 November 2012

Christmas DIY: The Hair Box

I really like to give a personal touch to my Christmas gifts for friends and families, and you can't beat something homemade (my mum just loved my 'creations' I brought home from school every year - glitter covered paper mache anyone?) Creating a ‘hair box’ stuffed to the brim with all the hair goodies they'll need means it's tailored to their hair needs and shows you have taken time to create something special for them.
Try picking up travel size products from their favourite brands. They look cute, and it gives the option of trying out a product to see if it suits. Styling staples such as dry shampoos and hairspray always go down well, and mini products fit perfectly in those glitzy clutch bags. Look out for products that suit the hair type, there are some great ranges out to cater for ladies with curly or fine hair.
Look around for gorgeous hair accessories. Try local shops for handmade clips and bands, and modify to suit the ‘personality’ of the box.
If you want to finish the box with something a little special, how about a gift voucher for their favourite beauty stop. Whether it’s a salon they love, or a spa for a massage, look around for special deals at Christmas and give them a pamper to beat the January blues.

Stuck for somewhere to put all the gifts? Why not use an old shoebox wrapped with some festive paper, or better still grab some brown parcel paper and stick on fun images and photos to really give it the personal touch. It’s makes for fun unwrapping on the day, and looks great under the tree.


  1. What a lovely and thoughtful idea!

    Lea x

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  2. This is a lovely idea Kelly! I'm going to do a similar thing for my mum this year :D x

  3. Aww such a good idea Kelly! I've made my nephew a homemade Advent calendar this year, pop by my blog and have a peek...xx


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