Monday, 29 October 2012

Vamping it up...

I pulled on my leather look trousers and kohled my eyes in preparation for a spooky party in London on Saturday. Halloween is another reason for a dress up for me, I adore fancy dress and parties where you can become someone else for the night, and fully relish the opportunity to change my look.
My look was inspired by Danica Talos from Blade Trinity, so it was all about dark clothes and some amazing coloured contacts. The coloured contacts were from which is a fantastic site for contacts, eyelashes and facepaint, next day delivery made sure they got to me early Friday morning, after ordering Thursday afternoon.
The outfit, I had in my wardrobe (part time vamp it seems!) which consisted of a Kate Moss for Topshop blouse, ASOS wet look leggings, and Dorothy Perkins thigh high boots.
Face was a pale look thanks to some white facepaint, finishing with some shadowing and tons of eyeliner, I think I looked pretty dead! For my hair, I decided to just go scruffy and curly. Tons of hairspray and a little dry shampoo to give a dusty look. And the fangs? They were a lispy nightmare! One also ended up down the plughole when I tried to putty it back again. Vampire fail.
It was a great night, with spooky green punch, a fancy dress dance off and laughs with some of my oldest and bestest friends - I'm thinking of getting fanged up again to spook the trick or treaters this week, might scar them for life though...


  1. You look amazing! love the fangs. x

  2. I cannot get those contacts in, I feel like I'm gouging my eyes out. They look fab!

    Lea x


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