Thursday, 18 October 2012

Review: Batiste Graffiti

So once you've solved the greasy hair problem, what's left for dry shampoo?
Batiste have decided that creating new and exciting fragrances, and they've come up with Graffiti. It's the latest release from them, and I've been giving it a go to see what sets it apart from others in the ever-expanding range.
Does it do what it promises?
Batiste Dry Shampoo is perfect to use between washes. A quick burst revitalises hair and removes any excess grease. Hair feels gorgeously clean and fresh with added body and texture.
The majority of us have used dry shampoo in the past, whether it's Batiste or another brand. Or maybe even a sprinkle of talcum powder to get through a day without washing hair. Batiste are, I'd say, the most popular brand of dry shampoo out there - and with good reason. After using my hair was left feeling and looking less greasy and with more bounce.
Batiste Graffiti* has quite a fresh, fruity, smell - although it definitely has a hint of Musk, and Sandalwood, giving it a more mature fragrance. I'd say it's a mixture of Batiste Lace, and Batiste Original.

Would I get it again?
Batiste for me is a staple in my hair styling. For days when I want to avoid washing my hair it's great for a quick hair pick up. I also use dry shampoo to add texture and 'grip' to hair when styling, it's great for helping with braids and plaits as it helps the hair stay put. So it's not just for those greasy days.
I'm not a massive fan of this fragrance, and Cherry Batiste will stay number one until then, however it does exactly what it promises and banishes grease, and definitely adds texture.

Anything else?
Got dark hair? Give this a miss. It comes out with  that powdery white residue that whilst easily disguised in blonde, or light brown hair, it's noticeable on dark hair.
I love the packaging, as it looks really colourful and the design is great. As always, clear instructions for use are given on the back of the can.

Price: £2.99, 200ml
Available: Exclusive to Boots


  1. I was loving the sound of the smell but had a feeling it would be rubbish for us dark haired ladies. Funnily enough the brunette Basiste always ends up on the 50p clearance shelf in Boots' so I'm sorted for a few years! x

    1. Hmm it's a shame for you dark haired ladies, you can spray onto a brush then comb through, but still think it'd dull the hair.
      If I see any bargain bin Brunette, I'll think of you. :) x

  2. I love the design of this can. I'm a huge Batiste fan but I have dark blonde hair so don't have any issues with it being a bit white! I still think I prefer the original fragrance, although I'm currently using up a can of tropical which I am convinced makes my hair smell of Malibu! x


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