Thursday, 25 October 2012

Halloween Hair Accessories

The bewitching hour is almost upon us... 
and it's time to dress up, and do the Mash (Monster not potato of course)
Using hair accessories to finish your look will help transform a scary look into something terrifying. Whilst backcombing hair can look scary, there is nothing worse than the horror of trying to brush it out the next day. 
I love this Day Of The Dead fascinator, fantastic colours and with some help from YouTube you can do your face to match. Perfect for a party!
This spider web fascinator has some sparkle and scare. I can imagine wearing with a black evening gown, perhaps dusted up to make it look like you are a ghostly guest of balls gone by!
Or if you are feeling thrifty, why not make your own? Grab some rubber spiders, or bats and attach them to a barrette clip. Either use some glue, or stitch around the bat/spider to hold it. If you have an up do then why not weave in some rubber snakes, so parts peek out. 
Top Tip!
Dry shampoo is fantastic for creating a dusty, ghost look. Get creative and cut out a spiderweb pattern on cardboard and use to stencil the shape onto hair. 

I'm getting ready to scare some Londoners this weekend, heading to a friends party. So if you see a slightly ghoulish me say hello (will probably look like the undead by Sunday morning!)...


  1. I must admit, the top one is really spectacular. This is definitely worth a good ponder for halloween!

    Lea x

  2. Love this :) I'm going as a dead bride- I've got a bloody veil! LOVE IT X

  3. Oh my gosh, the first one is absolutely amazing! <3

    Jennie xo |


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