Monday, 1 October 2012

Garnier Olia - Permanent Colour with a Difference

Garnier have finally cracked it. A home hair colourant which smells good, no mean feat I'm sure most of us will agree. Made up of 60% oils it’s the first of its kind to use the technology usually found in salons.
I've used 'DIY colour kits' in the past, ranging from blonde to bright red so I have a fair bit of experience in getting it right and definitely getting it wrong. At the moment my hair is pretty much back to its natural state, with a little of the old colours used left over. It’s looking a little dull and a bit ‘meh’ so this new way of colouring couldn’t have come at a better time.
Garnier Olia is a permanent hair colour, containing four flower oils which combined with the ammonia free formula means it's a lot kinder to your scalp and hair than a lot on the market. It uses something called ODS (Oil Delivery System) which means that oil combined with a molecule helps maximise the effects of hair lightening - meaning that ammonia could soon be a thing of the past.
 What else is impressive about the Garnier Olia range?
  • No strange looking woman in a wig on the front
  • A very purse friendly £6.99
  • 21 shades ranging from blonde to a deep violent 
  • Covers 100% of unwanted grey hair!
I've got 6.3 Golden Light Brown to try out, and will report back later this week. I'm really excited about freshening up my hair and whilst I’ve chosen a colour that isn’t a million miles away from my natural look, it’ll be great to give hair a boost and encourage some shine.
Right I’m off to do my patch test… 
*this is a sponsored post - but I'm really excited about trying out Garnier Olia!


  1. Very interested to see how this turns out, by roots are getting so bad I'm nearly looking like I have a dip dye (although not quite!) Keeping my peepers peeled for the result! xx

  2. I am allergic to most hair dyes as they contain PPD, does this one have PPD in it?x

  3. I am also curious about the PPD. As even the short term (30 day wash out kind) colors have PPD in them, I am wary and more than a little scared. I had a reaction so bad 2 yrs ago that I had to go to urgent care. Maybe the OPD system can override the PPD issues.

    1. How did it turn out? I am also affected by PPD and have had allergic reactions to hair dye. I am still in pursuit to find a dye gentle enough for my scalp

  4. it's a great help...
    thanks for that... sure will going to give it a try

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