Monday, 15 October 2012

Christina Aguilera and her technicolour hairdo...

Christina Aguilera has never been shy when it comes to changing her look and trying out new styles. Her latest hair style is more of a dip-dyesaster rather than a success though.
She tried out a rainbow look earlier in the month, with lilac and pink ends, but has gone a more drastic orange look. I do love a dip dye effect, and the looks you can create, it can be very unique to the wearer. Whether you go subtle or for more of a stand out look, it can be tailored to fit your personality.
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Which do you prefer on Christina? And would you brave a colourful look?
If you fancy adding some colour to your hair, you can either fake it, but picking up some clip in extensions, or why not use Kevin Murphy Color Bug, or maybe Manic Panic for a semi-permanent colour boost. I am currently working on a boost (and video) on how to add some colour to your hair - hopefully I won't end up looking like Christina though. That's just dirrty.


  1. I quite like her hair in the picture with the checked shirt. I can't be doing with subtle, if you're going to do colour make it neon! x

    1. I do love a bit of neon, just think it looks a bit ratty, and have to say I prefer dip dye with a curl or waves through it. x

  2. I've just added in some pink dip dye on my hair and I love it. I agree it looks better with curls as you can't see a harsh colour line

  3. her style is so great,the hair extensions look


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