Tuesday, 4 September 2012

New Range: Lee Stafford Electricals

Not content with solving our haircare problems, Lee Stafford is now looking at our styling problems. He's come up with a huge new electrical range which boosts a whooping 13 items! Not including the gift sets. So whatever you want to do with your hair, from jumbo curls to straight hair, Mr Stafford has pretty much covered the lot. And you can use his haircare to protect against heat styling - he's thought of everything.
I'm going to talk about some of my faves, as you'd be here till next week otherwise. If you'd like me to go into detail about any item in particular and I haven't, just shout.
First up are we have the My Big Fat Lock and Rollers (£49.99) These rollers will help you boost volume and give 'big fat hair'. Sized between 38mm and 50mm you can heat 8 at a time, and the set comes with 4 spare. The magic behind the rollers is the clip. Gone are the days when you need a separate clip - which if you are me, you lose, break or the dog chews. These have a built-in clip meaning no fiddling around trying to get the roller to hold, you just clip and leave the set. Definitely on my Christmas list.
Next is the Wave Machine (£79.99) There are a lot of wavers on the market at the moment, and knowing which will give the effect you want can be hardwork. The Lee Stafford one can create small or deep waves, all with a switch round of the plate, which is removable. So you get three styling products in one!
Now for something which I think may prove popular for Christmas styling. The Chopstick Styler (£29.99) is a thin ceramic coated barrel which gives you a wild corkscrew finish. The great thing about the chopstick styler is that your hair will look better as the day goes on, and even into the next day you've still got 'Beyonce inspired hair'.

The great thing about Lee Stafford is that he realises that we may need some hints and advice when it comes to styling with the range. So, with that in mind, he's come up with some great how-to videos on the electrical range website - along with details on how to get the results you want. 
You can also pick up *deep breath* Blow Dry Faster - AC Salon Dryer, Blow your Mind - DC Professional Dry, Blow me Away - DC Professional Dryer, My Big Fat Root Boosting Brush, Intelligent Texture Crimp my Style, Poker Straight Digital Irons, Straighten Up Digital Irons, My Long Tong, My Big Fat Tong, My Hair App Kit. All Lee's electrical range can be picked up from Argos, Shop Direct, Superdrug, Curry, Comet and Tesco, and prices range from £29.99 - £79.99. Oh and did I mention there is also a male grooming range?...but that's for another post.

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