Sunday, 2 September 2012

Iconic Hair: Audrey Hepburn

There are hairstyles that have transposed time and remain in demand as haircuts that are requested by women. Step forward Audrey Hepburn. Her elfin crop showed that short hair could be feminine, and it could be chic.
It gave an air of fun, and a carefree my-hair-is-short-as-I-don't-have-time-to-style. This cut has been seen on a whole host of celebrities since, and shows no sign of dating. Lately I've been seriously thinking about going for the chop - I want longer hair for my wedding but love the idea of going short. I've spent ages on those virtual hair stylers trying out shorter styles.
 Any ladies out there gone long to short recently? Or would you never part with your long locks?


  1. I wish I was brave enough for Audrey style hair!

  2. I won't let mine get any shorter than my collarbones - I would feel naked without it there. I just don't think I've got that sort of gorgeous bone structure that all the beauties above have.

  3. I would genuinely look like a boy if I had a short hair cut! But I love Audrey Hepburn, she was just beautiful!

  4. I had hair to my mid back, but after baby no 1 I had it chopped to a bob, after baby no 2 the whole lot went and it's the best thing I've done! No complicated styling in the morning and it still looks great. Smooth for the professional look or I add a bit of wax and texture for the more casual look. So easy and quick which is a real bonus with 2 toddlers! As for your wedding, you could use a veil to give the length & framing of face and add some diamonte clips or gems to your hair to give it that sparkle in the evening when the veil comes off. This looks especially good with dark hair. Audrey is my icon, I love her sense of style, fun & charisma. I shall be styling my short crop to mimic hers for the Goodwood Revival this weekend.

  5. I never had to courage to have my hair cut that short but I actually love the hair style. It is just that it may not suit me! ;)

  6. A long hair style has always been the very feminine hair style. In so many countries not that long ago, and in many still today, a woman just has long hair; that is all there is to it. har vokse boots


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