Tuesday, 21 August 2012

When I was younger...

There is one school photo that sticks in my head. I have what can only be described as a Beatles mop top. Not cool on a girl, and not that cool for a boy. Whilst my peers had plaits and elaborate buns, I could only jam a purple hair clip in the side to stop my wavy hair jabbing Rebecca Crosby in the eye whilst we stood on PE benches waiting for official school photographer Dave (why were they all called Dave) to snap away.
Apparently I was pretty gummy when younger. Smashing.
Luckily my hair grew, and I begged my mum for a french plait - complete with purple ribbon (styling!) My mum tried her best, gave me a slightly wonky plait only for Amy Hathaway to pull it out whilst in the queue. Meaning that by the time I was told to say 'cheese' Mrs Green had to bundle my hair into a scruffy ponytail. I look an urchin on the photo (I also think my nan had knitted my rather fetching purple cardigan)
Not so long ago, there was shock (OK maybe only in the hairdressing world) when a little girl was banned from having her school photo taken as her hair bow style broke 'school rules' Her dad, a hairdresser, had created a lovely style for her which teachers decided wasn't allowed, stating no Lady Gaga hair dark ribbons only, and no braids in the hair.
Not meaning to sound ungrateful but I wish I'd broken school rules - my photos wouldn't now adorn my mums mantlepiece ready for many a friend to mock. 
But we've all had those bad hair days....please tell me yours (we can exorcise hair demons together)
And it can't be all bad, I met one of my oldest friends through our love of matching purple donkey bobbles. 
Yes really.


  1. You look so cute! I used to hate school photographs - I was devastated one year when my sparkly gold hairband broke a few hours beforehand. I thought that my mum wouldn't want to buy the photos anymore! x

  2. You were such a cheeky chops, I'd recognise that gorgeous smile anywhere! x

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