Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Review: Lee Stafford Poker Straight Treatment

I remember getting a small bottle of Lee Stafford's Poker Straight shine serum years ago for Christmas when I used to straighten my hair a lot. It was used quickly and my hair loved it, and whilst I may not use straighteners as much now, when I do I want something to give my hair a thank you. This treatment doesn't let me or my hair down.

Does it do what it promises?
Lee's Top Tip: Scoop out the equivalent of a ping pong ball into the palms of your hands and massage into your hair from roots to ends. A treatment should always be used in between your shampoo and conditioner. I always advise my clients to leave this treatment in for five minutes every time they wash their hair until the condition has improved, then every other time until finally they just need to maintain their great conditioned hair once a week.
What I love about Lee Stafford's products is the fact they do what they promise. The hair growth range helps nourish hair and encourage growth, the Argan Oil range helps give hair a boost and recover dry ends. You get the picture. Lee knows his stuff. The Poker Straight range doesn't disappoint. If you want a product that will help give hair moisture and you regularly use straighteners or prefer to wear your hair straight, this is the range for you.
It's a very thick treatment and you really feel it's working root to point to help give hair some TLC after taking a hit from heated style tools.
Would I get it again? 
For me personally I wouldn't. I like my hair with more bounce and whilst I feel this would be fantastic for girls who suffer with frizzy, larger than life hair, it just isn't the product for me. I do however love the fragrance as always! And the 200ml will last a fair while if your hair isn't in a terrible condition. It did however really make hair more manageable, meaning less heat treatment. Which in turn means better hair condition and more time hitting the snooze button. 

Anything else?
As most of you know, Boots are often doing Lee Stafford products on offer, as part of a deal. At the moment it's 3 for £12. Definitely worth stocking up on your favourites.


  1. Ooh,I quite like the Lee Stafford products. Love the scent.
    I'm giving the growth range another shot after reading The Sunday Girl's recent review. I've used the growth conditioning treatment before and my hair liked it. I'm not sure if it grew more but it looked healthier, smoother and in turn, longer. So, fingers crossed this time!

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