Sunday, 12 August 2012

Olympics: The Good, the Bad and the Scrunchie.

As the closing ceremony is upon us, it's time to celebrate the games. It's been amazing, I was exciting in the Olympic run up (totally in the minority it seemed on Twitter) but everyday has made me proud, and truly celebrate what a great moment in British history it has been.
But as you all know this is a blog that is about hair. And there has been one accessory that has truly won the gold. The scrunchie. Yup, that thing you used to wear in your hair in the 90's, usually with the rest of your hair gelled back, and two stiff-as-a-board-with-hairspray bits hanging down your face. Claire's used to sell a shit ton (scientific measure) of these bad boys. Once relegated to the depths of hair hell, they are emerging as the accessory to wear if you are busy trying to win a medal.
Designers are jumping on the scrunchie wagon and have their brand names and logos all over this hair holders. Marc Jacobs has a lovely Black and White number for the fashion conscious. Gymnasts and other athletes have always worn scrunchies, and I'd always thought it was just to tie in nicely with the outfit, but apparently they are much better at holding the hair.
So with the sports luxe trend around, would you add scrunchie to your hair?! I am afraid to say it'd be a cold day in hell before I even went near one of those fabric fiends. Gymnasts can keep them, the likely hood of me doing a double arab spring twist with triple flip flop is highly unlikely so my hair won't need one.  


  1. Haha, love this! I would never wear a scrunchie. I used to love them in the 90s and used to be a gymnast but now that its not the 90s and that I'd probably die if I attempted gymnastics again they have no place in my life! x

  2. No, never and to have them emblazoned with a designer logo makes them even more hideous, like those fake Burberry ones I see on market stalls! x

  3. Great post! I had so many scrunchies back in the day - my school even had its own version - shudder! But no, could not go back to those days - definitely one for the gymnasts! x

  4. Haha I think scrunchies belong in 80s parties only, for me.

    xo, Lela
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