Sunday, 5 August 2012

My Weekend: Who, What, Where

Certainly a lot of W's in that title!
Well this weekend has been a quiet affair, I cherish these kind of weekends as they are usually 'blink and you'll miss it' Saturday we took the dogs for a walk up Ampthill Park - a local hotspot for dog walkers. They love the woods and long grass to hide in, and there are plenty of different footpaths to take for a bit of exploring.
Today we popped along to a local classic car show. There were a whole host of beautiful, shiny cars - but my favourite is the Beetle. I would LOVE a Beetle. One day...
Just time for a roast dinner and glass of Merlot before the working week starts.
And for those who want to keep up with my week via instagram, and who wouldn't want to, food, hair, dogs and clothes are general fodder, my username is klghair (funny that!) Pop yours in the comments and I can have a nose at your lives. :)


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