Thursday, 2 August 2012

Hair History...Carey Mulligan

Her cute crop suits her features perfectly, and has inspired a lot of ladies to go for the chop. But, has Carey always been so stylish?
Carey made her film debut as Kitty Bennet in Pride and Prejudice in 2005, she had long, light brown hair then, with a fringe. Pretty standard styling...
Then in 2009 she decided to go for the crop, showing off a brunette short style with sweeping fringe. Whilst I love the texture of the style, I'm not overly sold on the colour, and find it a bit heavy for her complexion.
Which is why I fell in love with her hair in 2010, when she went for icy-cool blondes. I feel help show off her skintone and make her eyes stand out. Which do you prefer? The brunnette or blonde?
She's pretty adventurous when it comes to showing off some super styles you can do even with short hair. I love the twisted up do in 2010, along with the fishtail look. Both gorgeous styles that take a little practice but really make a difference if you want to try out a different look.
There was a story around 2011 that Mulligan was taking tablets to try and help her hair grow back as she was finding it difficult to get her longer hair back. Personally I think she suits shorter styles, but understand her quest for long hair completely.
Though there have been slightly longer variations but the colour has stayed the same. With petite features, shorter styles really suit Carey. It really makes me want to go short! I'm so looking forward to seeing The Great Gatsby as I know I'll love the styling.
In May 2012 Carey showed off a gorgeous quiff style for the Met Ball. I love the colour and style of her hair, you aren't restricted with short hair and can play around with how you want to style it. Go brave like Carey and work up a quiff with some backcombing and wax.
What do you think of Carey's hair? And who would you like to see featured on the next Hair History?


  1. The short blonde hair's best in my opinion. x

  2. I love her short blonde hair. I always get such short hair envy when I see pictures of it! x

  3. Waa, I want to change my hairstyle, and I was always coming across those pictures, just didn't know who she was. I love her hair! I actually want to have hairstyle like this, but I'm not sure if it would suit me :) I really love your blog, especially because I know you are proffesional and you work with products like this every day :D Thank you:)


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