Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Welcome to the Digital Age of Perming

The perm is going digital on us - gone are the days of crispy curls, and wet-look hair. Replaced with loose, beachy waves that can leave your hair looking healthy and shiny. Can't be bad eh!
Incredibly popular in Japan, and gaining fans over in the UK for it's relaxed results the digital perm is a 'hot perm' meaning it needs solution and heat to produce results, the regular style of perming needs solution only. Electric rollers are connected to a machine with a digital display (where the name comes from) which controls the 'waves' going through the hair and changing the structure. The chemical element involved along with the heat helps mould a more casual curl if required. The stylist can control the effect on the hair - which means one perm does indeed not fit all. The machine does look pretty scary, and with wires coming out of your head so will you, but it's amazing that the stylist has such control over the result you get. Definitely worth checking before you have the perm that the salon and stylists are fully trained in giving the digital perm.
The digital perm is perfect for those who use tongs to wave and curl their hair but would like more of a permanent result. It also can help ladies who suffer with frizzy, by taming and calming the hair. Those looking for volume should be aware that the rods cannot be placed close to the scalp so it won't be able to give your roots a boost.
This fab video by HED shows you the process and the results, along with explaining more about the science behind the digital perm. It's a slightly longer process than the 'cold perm' taking around 2-3 hours (depending on hair length) 

Whilst not available in a lot of salons as yet, Eleven Hair and Earth Hairdressing are offering the digital perm. It's not cheap, ranging from £140 - £300 but can last 3-6 months, depending on hair type.
Would you go for a digital perm? Or have you already got one? 
I'd love to know...


  1. Did you read Sali Hughes' article in The Guardian this weekend? http://www.guardian.co.uk/fashion/2012/jul/13/sali-hughes-digital-perms?intcmp=122
    I had a surfer perm about 4 years ago at Toni & Guy and absolutely loved it, if the results are the same I'd be very tempted to try it. x

    1. I hadn't Vix, thanks for the link. There has been quite a few stories lately, glad to see it's gaining popularity. You can pick the type of wave you want so you could definitely go for surfer perm.

  2. I knew perms were back but the solution results were still unpredictable. I love this idea! Great post Kel.

    I also just looked up that Guardian story, geez the comments on that site are appalling! But her hair looks great.


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